911 Live Connect

Endorsed by EMS professionals throughout Southern California – Increase efficiency and reduce the strain on dispatch and 911 operations.


911 Live Connect is an emergency notification system that uses all of benefits of modern day smart phone technology to streamline 911 emergency phone calls and dispatch operations. Using this technology, 911 Live Connect can reduce call volume and duration, expedite call handling, reduce fraudulent reports, and increase information accuracy. It's about helping people. 911 Live Connect can mitigate some of the challenges in our current 911 system to make it easier on our EMS professionals.

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    • FIRE

      Report a fire and the exact location without making a phone call.


      Report a drunk driver and the exact location on a map without calling 911.


      Report a car accident and request a police report.


      Ask for assistance from EMS without calling 911.

    • CALL 911

      The App will dial 911 and share your personal information, location, and emergency contact information with Dispatch.


  • Reduce call volume and duration
  • Expedite call handling
  • Decrease frequency of fraudulent reports
  • Unique ID number attached to report to detract from fraudulent reports Increase information accuracy
  • Smart phone to pinpoint GPS to identify address of incident and attach to 911 call information

  • Administrator security
  • Secure login to protect personal data of population
  • Data analysis to support decisions
  • Searchable database to facilitate analysis of high-risk communities to effectively place department resources
  • Real time data to support instant identification of problem areas

Dispatch receives location information from the cell site closest to the 911 caller, but tends to not be the true caller's location. 911 Live Connect's GPS functionality would mitigate the issue of circling city streets to locate which alleyway or business had the problem.

Sergeant Ogre Ish, Los Angeles Police Department

We can leverage the App data to streamline resources across borders and respond faster through the use of one system and one number.

Captain Willy Moreno, Orange County Sheriff's Department, Retired

The live data feed will help Dispatch dedicate resources where necessary to serve the public, not necessarily in the order in which they are received.

Captain Dennis Dahlgren, Los Angeles Fire Department

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